New Media New Rules

(Originally posted New York Press Club blog July 26, 2011)
I wonder how many people get their news from their AOL homepage (or other email/social network access?)

While the majority of email reading by me comes directly from the Mail icon on the bottom of my iphone screen, at least once every other day I log on via computer. But of course before you can get to your email, you have the news of the day and ... well it's a full page but off the top of my head I can't remember. I never pay attention because typically the top three news stories are about some diet fad, the hottest celebrity taboo and some cute animal.

Quite frankly, since I moved to London, when I log on, I get UK aol, and I don't even know WHO the celebrity is that is apparently that day's talk of the town. (Did you hear the twitter link I sent a few months ago- I'll look for it and post it here... ) When you log onto AOL in UK, it doesn't say, "You've Got Mail." It says in a female British voice- "You Have E-Mail."
It's strange to me, but I think it's proper English.

Today I noticed some of the news connected to AOL is from the Huffington Post.
Here is a link to one of the top news stories on AOL UK- titled
"Phone Hacking Scandal: Britain's Media Likely To Face New Rules."