The BAFTAS just might be able to help you win next year's OSCAR party pool.
(Breaking news, I know.)
But this year being two weeks apart I noticed the similarities -- such as same nominations, same winners...

CLICK HERE to read the post I wrote for the NEW YORK PRESS CLUB.
Plus some cocktail recipes from both the US and UK for the occasion.
(just scroll down the page once you get there)
And no worries- no mention of who wore what or who stood how. I had my say on "dress coverage" during the 2011 Royal Wedding.

OOPS.... I called Liverpool a London team???

How does the quote go? You aren't doing if you aren't making mistakes? Or you aren't creating if you aren't being criticized?
I don't know. And if I got the quote correct I don't know who to credit it to because I think I read it on someone's Facebook status page- anyway....

In mere existing we make mistakes. At least I do.
Here is a blog post about saying something wrong on TV News. (It has a Brighton connection:)
And let me put something in writing- it will most likely return in red ink. (That reminds me of my favorite Stephen King book, On Writing. He writes how he learned to keep writing short from a sports editor.
Oh and I read there is a something different in the UK version versus the US version. I really want to find a copy.)

In the meantime I need to put some red ink to my writing.

Recently when writing ON THE FRONT page of my New York Press Club blog, I call "Liverpool" a famed London football club.

AHHH! Let me explain- I was writing about the former General Manager of the New York Mets, Bobby Valentine, who had just accepted the position of GM of the Red Sox.
(He's the one pictured on my right. The GM of the Yankees is on the left.)
The owners of the Red Sox now own Liverpool- so I wrote: "OH and as for the LONDON angle- Recently the owners of the Red Sox bought the famed London football club LIVERPOOL.
No telling what random rant I could keep going on this topic."

Luckily a Brit pointed out how stupid that made me look. :) Imagine, calling Liverpool a London club????
I wonder, worse than me cheering for Chelsea by saying "Go Samsungs?" (That WAS a joke. In American football, the name of the team is on the shirt. Adverts are EVERYWHERE else. Even during the televised game. At least there is a chance to go to the bathroom or grab a beer... )

I wasn't trying to justify calling Liverpool a London team, but I asked- "Didn't the band, the Rolling Stones, consider themselves from Liverpool? And isn't the band known as a London band?"
I don't remember his exact response, but he explained to me the difference and why calling the Liverpool football club a London club would SINK me:)
So, to correct my statement and redeem my knowledge of Liverpool Football Club, established 1892, which plays at Anfield Stadium-- a three-hour and 45-minute drive from London--

Wait... Anfield is nearly four hours from London? The Red Sox play about four hours from New York.
The Red Sox colors are red. Liverpool is red.
The Brit was right! Calling Liverpool a London team was like calling the Red Sox a New York team.

Never again.
But remember it's easier in America. The front of the Red Sox uniforms either say "Boston" or "Red Sox."
This year the front of the Liverpool jersey reads "Standard Chartered."
Let's go Standards!

First Snow of Season in London

Maybe the groundhog shadow theory has some truth. If it sees it's shadow February 2, there will be six more weeks of winter. If not, expect an early spring.

Just two days after my ground-hound saw his shadow, (see previous blog post) London got it's first snow of the season and I saw my first fox.

On Groundhog Day: How's the Weather in London?

The question usually comes in a sympathetic voice through half snarling lips, "How's the weather ... in London?"

After living here through all four seasons, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to let in on reality. I guess it also depends on if I'm answering friends from New York or Texas. There hasn't been any snow this season. And the amount of snow that shut down airports LAST season in London wouldn't have even caused LIRR or Metro North delays.  

Plus it hasn't been cold (New England standards.) As for rain- oh that London rain!!! If it falls, it's for a brief period followed by gorgeous crisp sunny skies. ( I guess like Florida.)

And get this- a common term used by weather people on TV here- is CHANGEABLE.  That's the forecast. Not mostly sunny or partly cloudy. Changeable. (I guess like Florida and Texas... and .... )

Since it's Ground Hog day, and since winter hasn't really began yet in London (New England standards) I thought I should report that Denis Dog saw his shadow in the UK.

I've read there is a bit of controversy in the states whether there will be six more months of winter or an early spring since Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (six more months) and Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow (early spring.) I read it on a breaking news email alert from ABC 7.  I'm still subscribed. Here is the link. 

As for my former station, News 12 Connecticut,
I can't really tell if my favorite weather man Paul Piorek saw his shadow, but he did wear photojournalist Lori Golias' groundhog hat. Lori and I spent several years covering the big event, usually checking in with Bridgeport's Beardsley Bart.

(If and when I find a copy of that piece I'll post it here. I like a good laugh at myself now and then.)

I don't know of any ground hog celebrations here in London, but then I have to admit I didn't really dig around. I did find that next Monday the movie Groundhog Day is showing  at The Prince Charles Cinema.
 It's part of the cinema's "double BILL season." Following Groundhog Day is Animal House.  It doesn't just mean Bill Murray. Clerks and Clerks 2 is coming up- and so is Dirty Dancing with Flashdance.

Quite a good find- if you are in London you can see movies you've already seen elsewhere. Just kidding. This looks like a place to keep an eye one, especially for independent film makers. I'm glad I googled groundhog day London.