The Diamond Jubilee

Raise a cuppa in honor of the Queen. 2012 is her 60 year Diamond Jubilee.

She took the throne in February of 1952, but according to the official website of the British Monarchy, the big celebration weekend is 2nd-5th June. June 2nd is a special date because its the day of her actual coronation in 1953.
Click here for the official Diamond Jubilee website.
I found this tea cup in a friend's cabinet. It's from the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. Much like plans for the upcoming weekend in June, the previous celebration included street parties, pageants and parades and a Royal Tour of the UK and Commonwealth.

 Both of the websites can serve as a refresher course on history. Quite honestly I had an "oh, that's right" moment when reading about planned visits to some of the Commonwealth countries, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories. Click here for history on the Monarchy from 400 AD to present.
Pour me another cup while I have a go at some history lessons.